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July 31, 2016

Websites for Presidential Candidates, Nov.8, 2016 Election

Democratic Party: Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine;

Green Party: Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka

Libertarian Party: Gary Johnson and William Weld

Republican Party: Donald Trump and Mike Pence https//



June 8, 2016

Sept 8 – MA primary election

MA State Primary – Nov 8, 2016 – If enrolled in party must vote in that parties primary – If  Unenrolled (meaning you have not selected a particular party) OR YOU ARE ENROLLED IN A PARTY THAT IS NOT LISTED BELOW (NEW) at the poll you can select the primary in which you wish to vote.

  • For listing of candidates in all MA districts see
  • For information on the election process and other related issues see
  • Democratic Party – For residents of Brookline the only race that has more candidates than slots is for Councillor (Third District – Vote For One – Candidates are:

Marilyn M Petitto Devany (Watertown) – Candidate for Re-nomination.

Peter Georgiou (Lincoln)

William Bishop Humphrey (Newton)

Green-Rainbow Party – no competitive races.

Republican Party – no competitive races.

United-Independent Party – no competitive races

June 2, 2016

Upcoming Elections

State Primary, Sept. 08, 2016

National and State Election – Nov. 8, 2016, US President, US Senator and US House of Representative, MA State Senators and House of Representatives.


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