Am I Already Registered to Vote – Massachusetts and Other States?

For Boston, Brockton , Medfield and Worcester residents you can check this on-line. The links are as follows:  , and

For elsewhere in Massachusetts (including Brookline), you need to call the City or Town Clerk or Elections Office.  The Brookline Town Clerk is Pat Ward. The office is on the first floor of city hall with website; email of and phone of 617-730-2010; Regular Office Hours are Mon-Wed, 8AM-5PM; Thurs, 8AM-8PM and Friday, 8AM-12:30PM. Additional open hours are usually available 1-2 weeks before an election. This website will post the added open hours.

Voter registration information is available on-line if you are registered in the following nearby states:   New Jersey, New York and Rhode Island (a total of 39 states); but it is not available for New Hampshire, Maine or Vermont. For information on how to access your voter registration information look at

 Registering to Vote: Massachusetts

For Voter Registration, each state has its own rules and procedures. In Massachusetts, you must register (or re-register) if you are voting for the first time; are changing your name or address for voter registration; or wish to change your political party designation. In Massachusetts, this involves completing the appropriate MA or National Registration Forms and sending it to the appropriate Town or City Clerk or Elections Office to arrive 20 days before the election.  (The election offices and your voting location are provided by the following website: )

[MA form may be downloaded here or at ; the National Registration Form is downloadable from

Registering to Vote: Motor Voter (MA and Elsewhere): If you applying for a new driver’s license, or, (in person at an office of the  Registry of Motor Vehicles), changing your address or requesting a duplicate driver’s license, you may also Register To Vote, by filling out the appropriate section of the application.

Registering to Vote: States Other Than MA

North Dakota is the only state that does not require Voter Registraion.

On-Line Voter Registration. The only states we have found so far that allows you to register on-line is Indiana and Maryland. (Please let us know if you have found other states).


The voter registration deadlines and rules for a selection of states are as follows:

0 Days, No voter registration:  North Dakota

0 Days – i.e., Day of the Election -

Maine (in person at Town Office or City Hall); or 21 days if mailed or not in person

New Hampshire (at polling locations); or 10 days at town or city clerk’s office

5 Days   Before the Election (Vermont, by 5PM, Wed before election)

20 Days Before the Election, Massachusetts, New York

21 Days Before the Election, Maryland, New Jersey

30 Days Before the Election, Rhode Island

For information on filling out the voter registration form, please click here.

Special Voter Registration Info for College Students, please click here.

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